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How To Read SEO Ranking Reports

SEO Ranking Reports are part of our comprehensive monthly SEO packages. Unlike other digital marketing and SEO agencies, we provide you with an in-depth report of your website’s health, traffic, and keyword positions. On a monthly basis we generate the report and go over it with you that way you are not left in the dark. Below we will go over and break down what is in and how to read our SEO Report.

SEO Ranking Reports

Understanding the Data

As a part of our digital marketing service, our clients get a monthly SEO report. Any good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service provider will send regular reports out. How else would their clients know the service they are paying for is working? Our reports contain the latest data on our client’s site. Most of the data is provided by Google’s algorithm. The algorithm is the rules that guide SEO strategies and makes the internet function in the most efficient way possible.

Unless you are someone who knows a lot about website marketing, the data provided on SEO reports may be confusing to understand. Slicks Digital is here to help! We will use an example on one of our reports and go discuss what each section is about. Then we will explain what the data in our SEO report means.

Website Designing & Optimizing

There is a few things to keep in mind when looking at an SEO Report.

Website marketing as a lot of factors that go into it, due to Google’s algorithm, and it can be easy to misunderstand the data without knowing these few things first…

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So, lets talk about the actual data itself and what it means for this particular example. These numbers are going to tell us some very interesting things.

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Organic SEO

Organic SEO takes work to set up but, if done effectively, will bring visitors to your site naturally. This part of the report focuses primarily on keywords which are vital to getting your site found organically. What we mean by organically is that people can find the site by their own search and not because of Ads. A part of Slicks Graphics’ Digital Marketing service is researching which relevant keywords are being used and implementing them on our client’s websites. We do this to increase the potential amount of visitors to the site, and thus potential customers for the client.

Lets go over some important terms to know…

Slicks Digital SEO Marketing Plans Strive to Get You Organic Site Traffic

So what can we learn from this part of the example SEO report? We can see how much traffic the site is getting, what keywords are doing well, if keywords have changed their rankings and how their keywords’ rankings are distributed  on a Google search result.

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Position Tracking SEO Report Data

If you are one of our clients, this next section may or may not be in your monthly report. If you are still in the early stages of an SEO service then Google Analytics may not have enough data to go off of. Do not be concerned if this isn’t on your report at first because it will be added later.

Our SEO reports are designed to inform our clients about their site's ​performance

Overall this example’s SEO report is showing improvement which is always a great sight too see.

We can see under “Top Keywords by Positive Impact” which keywords have increased their ranking position and how much that has improved the site’s visibility.

“Top Pages by Number of Keywords” is helpful in telling us which pages on the example’s site are getting increasing or decreasing visibility based on the keywords being focused on.

SEO Web Marketing Data

Site Health & SEO

Search engines like Google do consider how “healthy” a site is when deciding rankings. This take a lot of things into consideration such as links, hosting provider and more! 

Our SEO reporting software crawls your page, just like Google does and warns us about potential problems on the site. A crawl refers to Google or other SEO systems scanning an entire site to determine all sorts of data about it. What is the site about? Does it have good content? What are it’s keywords? Does it’s internal/eternal links work?  Do not be overly concerned if it seems like the crawl finds a lot of “warnings” or “notices” these are often minor and fickle elements. The internet is a large and complicated thing so have less than 100% site health isn’t a major problem.

Our Website Marketing Plans Cover Site Health Monitoring ​Services!

How can Slicks Digital Help Your Website Marketing Goals?

A good site will look good, be easy to use and have useful content for the visitor to access. A site can’t do this if there is a lack of information, broken links and a bad design. This is why its important to invest in a Website Marketing & SEO service for many businesses. You can guarantee your site will be done correctly the first time when you start your website marketing efforts with Slicks Graphics!

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A big thank you to all our current website marketing clients! We designed this page for them, that way they can be fully in-the-know about their SEO service and their monthly report. Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] if you have further questions about your current campaign or recent SEO report.

If you are not currently doing website marketing but are interested we would love to speak to you about how we can reach the goals you have set for your website. Need a site built? Just need help ranking your site on Google? Slicks Graphics is here to help! Please contact us today so we can discuss the best option for you, consultations are always free!

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